Achieve Acquired by Greenbrook TMS Neurohealth Centers

Nearly five and a half years ago we set out to provide a new treatment option in mental health care for people with treatment resistant depression in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our goal was to improve the lives of our patients through the use of TMS Therapy. Through collaboration with community providers, our dedicated team has provided quality care and given hope to many of our patients and their families. Caring for our patients has been deeply gratifying for us, and we are just getting started!

We are excited to bring our expertise, passion, and energy to Greenbrook TMS NeuroHealth Centers, the leading TMS therapy providers in the nation. Together, our medical leadership brings many years of combined experience in providing TMS therapy.

During this unprecedented time, with increasing numbers of people experiencing depression and an ever-growing list of new and previously unimaginable stressors, our combined experience, complemented by Greenbrook’s clinical and technological resources, will allow us to achieve the greatest impact.

While the Achieve TMS East name will eventually change, we will care for our patients as we always have and will continue to take an active role in mental health education efforts in the communities we serve. You will be able to reach us via the same phone and email methods as before. Our dedication to providing the best mental health treatment is stronger than ever.

Dr. John Zebrun
Dr. John Zebrun, Chief Psychiatric Officer at Achieve TMS East

“The Achieve TMS East Team and I are very honored and excited to join the Greenbrook TMS Neurohealth Centers team. By combining our knowledge and experience, we will be able to provide even better care for the patients in our communities.

Our shared mission to provide accessible, quality treatments for patients with major depression has made this transition easy. With everyone focused on helping patients, our partnership is going to be a great benefit for people affected by depression in our communities.

We look forward to growing together.”

– Dr. John Zebrun, Achieve TMS East

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