Achieve Acquired by Greenbrook TMS Neurohealth Centers

Nearly five and a half years ago we set out to provide a new treatment option in mental health care for people with treatment resistant depression in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our goal was to improve the lives of our patients through the use of TMS Therapy. Through collaboration with community providers, our dedicated team has … Read more

How Does TMS Therapy Work Anyway?

How Does TMS Work Anyway

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy was first introduced in 1985 and was based on principles established over a century prior by the Faraday experiment when Michael Faraday discovered electricity could generate a magnetic field in 1881. While the effects of an external electric current on the brain have been extensively researched in the past – … Read more

‘Depression Helmet’ Therapy, an Alternative Treatment


Treating Depression Through Deep TMS ‘Helmet’ Therapy First it was the Cymbalta. Oh, how much hope one has when leaving the doctor’s office with a potential lifesaving prescription in hand. After suffering in silence with serious depression, all hopes for relief are pinned to a drug that might just change life for the better. Until … Read more

The Advantages of TMS vs. Invasive Depression Treatment

TMS vs Invasive Depression Treatment

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been steadily growing in popularity, ever since becoming a viable and approved option for treatment-resistant depression and OCD according to the FDA. However, there is still a lack of understanding among the general population on how TMS functions, what exactly makes it “non-invasive”, and how it features the benefits of … Read more

TMS vs. ECT Therapy for Depression Treatment

TMS vs. ECT Therapy for Depression Treatment

TMS Effective and Safer than ECT Therapy in Treating Depression ECT therapy was once known as electric shock therapy (ETC).  It is the oldest form of psychiatric therapy, having first been utilized in 1938 in Italy to treat various forms of mental illness.  Used to treat serious mental health disorders, ECT therapy involves sedating the … Read more

Depression Is A Mental Illness and Should Be Taken Seriously

Depression is a Mental Ilness and Should Be Taken Seriously

One would think that an illness that affects 17.3 million people and is closely correlated with suicidal ideation, drug use disorder, and drastic drops in productivity is taken very seriously. One would think that given the impact depression has on our lives, it would be our collective responsibility to identify and treat it in friends, … Read more

Where to Turn When Antidepressants Don’t Work

Where To Turn When Depression Medication Fails

Antidepressants are somewhat of a mystery to many people, and it’s difficult for some to process whether they’re a good thing or a bad thing, with conflicting messages on both sides. Headlines and government bodies are writing reports that prescription drugs are addictive and can cause deaths, and antidepressants contain black box warning that a … Read more

TMS Costs – is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Affordable?

Is TMS affordable? How much does TMS Cost?

TMS Therapy, an Alternative Treatment for Depression When it comes to living with persistent depression, getting the treatment and care you require is of paramount importance. There are countless cases of patients who have struggled for years with the debilitating effects of major depressive disorder, without finding relief. Those who haven’t responded well to antidepressants … Read more

What is the Success Rate of TMS Therapy?

TMS Therapy Success Stories

TMS: a Safe and Effective Treatment for Depression Nothing spells success like results, so when it comes to finding a depression treatment with a high success rate, the news should be shared far and wide. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is an alternative therapy for treating individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD) who have been deemed … Read more

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