Achieve TMS East Expands to Chelmsford

By Alana Melanson, UPDATED:   12/09/2018 09:27:26 AM EST   CHELMSFORD — One in six Americans will experience a depressive episode at some point in life, and for a third of them, medication and therapy won’t offer significant relief, according to Dr. Rebecca Knapp. For that subset with treatment-resistant depression, Achieve TMS East offers … Read more

Deep Dive – Achieve TMS East Is Changing the Lives of People with Depression

By JOSEPH BEDNAR September 2018 Margie Pierce understands the difficulty — and, yet, the importance — of tackling the problem of depression. “It’s the leading cause of disability worldwide right now,” said Pierce, a licensed clinical social worker and director of operations at Achieve TMS East, a fast-growing chain of behavioral-health practices that employ an … Read more

Achieve TMS East opens new treatment center in Leominster

By Peter Jasinski Updated:   04/15/2018 11:09:22 AM EDT   LEOMINSTER — Samantha Comeau didn’t look at all nervous as a large, plastic helmet was fastened to her head and a technician explained that magnetic waves were about to stimulate her brain’s mood center. They would know it was working, the technician explained, if Comeau’s … Read more

New Westboro Clinic Treats Depression with Magnetic Pulses

By Matthew Tota, Correspondent Posted Dec 16, 2017 at 12:01 AM WESTBORO — Reed Butler’s depression sapped his passion for playing music, but, perhaps worse, it even proved a barrier when he picked up his bass at a gig. Within the cycles of his depression, the longtime rhythm and blues musician could not read the notes on a sheet of … Read more

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