‘Depression Helmet’ Therapy, an Alternative Treatment


Treating Depression Through Deep TMS ‘Helmet’ Therapy First it was the Cymbalta. Oh, how much hope one has when leaving the doctor’s office with a potential lifesaving prescription in hand. After suffering in silence with serious depression, all hopes for relief are pinned to a drug that might just change life for the better. Until … Read more

TMS Costs – is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Affordable?

Is TMS affordable? How much does TMS Cost?

TMS Therapy, an Alternative Treatment for Depression When it comes to living with persistent depression, getting the treatment and care you require is of paramount importance. There are countless cases of patients who have struggled for years with the debilitating effects of major depressive disorder, without finding relief. Those who haven’t responded well to antidepressants … Read more

What is the Success Rate of TMS Therapy?

TMS Therapy Success Stories

TMS: a Safe and Effective Treatment for Depression Nothing spells success like results, so when it comes to finding a depression treatment with a high success rate, the news should be shared far and wide. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is an alternative therapy for treating individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD) who have been deemed … Read more

What Does the “Deep” Part of dTMS Really Mean?

The "Deep" in Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation may invoke some scary thoughts and images, yet a name is just a name – and despite the words ‘deep transcranial’, dTMS is entirely non-invasive, pain-free, and requires no sedation or medication. Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation uses a head-worn device with an electromagnetic coil shaped a certain way. This coil sends … Read more

Treating Depression When Medication Doesn’t Work

Treating Depression When Medication Doesn’t Work

By Scott West, M.D. | Jun. 22, 2018 The recent, tragic deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are a reminder of the battle so many of us are fighting, often silently. Depression doesn’t discriminate, and even celebrities are a part of the 320 million people around the world living with depression. I’ve met many of these individuals in my … Read more

MythBusted: Breaking the Code on Depression Treatment

Breaking the Code on Depression Treatment

On August 11th, 2014 legendary comedian and movie star Robin Williams took his own life after quietly battling major depression for several decades. His suicide took the world by total surprise for one reason – nobody thought Robin Williams was depressed. He never showed any signs, at least in the public eye. He was universally … Read more

TMS Depression Treatment in Amherst, MA

TMS Depression Treatment in Amherst, MA

Finding Depression Treatment Near Me Options in Amherst, MA Being saddled with a persistent case of the blues can be life altering.  Living with ongoing depression can hobble a person’s life on all fronts, removing the motivation to accomplish even the most routine daily tasks.  In the extreme, major depression can sideline an individual from participating in … Read more

Achieve TMS East Opens New Location in Pittsfield, MA

Treating Depression in Pittsfield with TMS Therapy Living life in the grip of depression is not really living at all.  Depression robs its victims of joy, replacing it with despair.  Depression takes away one’s motivation to do anything productive, leaving one listless, fatigued, and frustrated.  Those who suffer from treatment-resistant depression may have given up … Read more

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