Dr. Kurth Interview with Glastonbury LIFE

Our very own Dr. Pamela Kurth is featured in this month’s publication of Glastonbury Life! The article is called “There is Hope”. Dr. Kurth discusses depression and the BrainsWay deep TMS treatments we use at Achieve to bring Hope to those suffering from major depression.
Check out the full article here:

“We’re not putting a substance in people’s bodies. The thing that makes it different from other non-pharmacological treatments, like electroconvulsive therapy, is it’s noninvasive. We’ve not found long-term side effects that things like electroconvulsive therapy has. 

If patients are on medications, there are no absolute contradictions to TMS. Sometimes we’ll ask to decrease or discontinue a medication, but no medication rules a person out. We can do TMS in conjunction with other medications.”

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