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Patient: S. H

I’ve had depression since 8th grade. I coped by not eating and mostly cutting. Since I have started TMS, I have not cut once.
I noticed that I am getting back to my humor and quick wit. Also noticed my depression episodes only last a few hours instead of months at a time! I feel like I move forward a lot easier and I am more positive.
I recommend it to EVERYONE! I haven’t felt this good in years. I am coping by having better outlets and eating regularly. I cope with exercising everyday, eating healthy, and not isolating myself.

Patient: B.G

Almost not at all. I had no coping mechanism. TMS has helped out immensely.
Feelings are now more clear, clear-headed and focused. Bad feelings go away faster.
I will hopefully be better off now after this. I will try to cope better. Yes, I would recommend to a friend.
Nothing at all. Treatment was excellent. Staff was very kind, understanding and pleasant to be around. Very kind and helpful.

Patient: G.G

I was barely able to cope. I pushed loved ones away and attempted suicide twice even on medication.
As the treatment went on, I noticed that I was able to deal with my depression and situation better. I thought less of ending it all and my anxiety became more manageable.
My depression is almost non-existant now, and I would definitely recommend Achieve TMS to anyone whose medication isn’t enough.

Patient: A.R

I started to feel better soon after starting TMS. That was my motivation to stick with the appointments every day.
TMS along with meds, enough sleep, and a set routine has helped keep me feeling good. I would definitely recommend TMS!
I don’t have any suggestions here. The entire staff is amazing. The room is peaceful and comfortable.

Patient: H.R

I would highly recommend to future patients because it has worked for me tremendously because it has affected me in a positive way.
Everyone here is so helpful and understanding; it is amazing.

Patient: A.R.B

Using medication, alter-ego lifestyle to include lots of downtimes.
I noticed a change in my outlook. I started enjoying myself more and was able to live in the moment to a greater degree. I experienced more productivity at work and have slept without sleeping aids for the first time in 3 years.
This is a great option for treatment resistant depression. I took medication for 10 years without the relief I have experienced with TMS.
Greater explanation of the treatment and how I will feel and what to expect. It would be great to connect with patients and caretakers who have gone through the treatment.

Patient: A.S

Various medication trials and multiple medications which I felt were detrimental to my health.
I noticed a difference within two weeks. I started sleeping better and taking an interest in activities. I was able to go off all medications after a few weeks.
I am on only one medication now and am a much happier person. I would absolutely recommend TMS, especially if you are at the point where everything feels hopeless.

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Insurance Coverage for TMS

Insurance accepted for treating Depression, specifically TMS therapy, has more than doubled in the last few years, a sign that insurance companies must see cost savings in a treatment method for major depressive disorder (MDD) that works more efficiently than the traditional regimen alone. Patients who continually suffer from the debilitating effects of medication-resistant depression may acquire other health conditions as a result, such as a substance abuse disorder or unhealthy weight gain, to name a few. The fact that more and more insurance companies are providing coverage for TMS indicates a cost benefit to the insurer, thus the broadening of benefits.

The following are some of the insurance plans currently working with Achieve TMS East: Aetna, BCBS, BMC, Cigna, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Fallon Health, GIC, Harvard Pilgrim, Husky, Masshealth PCC Plan, Medicare, Neighborhood Health Plan, One Care, Tricare, Tufts Health Plan, and United Health Care. If you don’t see your plan listed, please call and ask us about yours today.

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